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Trailer adapter Accessories / Commute, Spare parts

230  kr

Trailer adapter Accessories / Commute, Spare parts

230  kr

Hitch your ride with a trailer adapter for your cargo or kids in tow. Designed specifically for Cowboy 4 and 4 ST.

Compatible with: C4, C4 ST

Delivered in 7 days

Trailer adapter

  • Custom made
  • Robust and durable

Key specifications

  • Material: steel with black coating
  • Compatible with hitches with a fixation hole larger than 10mm in diameter and with thickness of less than 10mm.
  • Includes an allen key to remove the rear nut and a spanner to tighten the trailer adapter.
  • Max load: 60kg
How to install your trailer adapter

4 easy steps

  • Remove the left rear wheel washer and nut
  • Mount and tighten the trailer adapter, then add your trailer's hitch
  • Place the washer and nut back in position
  • Tighten firmly with the provided wrench, then add the safety pin by hand

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