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AdaptivePower technology

It's a feeling

With AdaptivePower technology, this bike thinks for itself. Encounter any resistance on the road, and the Cowboy 4 instantly adapts to what's around you. Gain extra power when you need it most and you'll feel nothing but a smooth path ahead. Watch the film

Feel the pace. Even uphill.

AdaptivePower senses any incline

Even the steepest hill before you feels like the flat with AdaptivePower. Pull up the app, and we'll see you at the top.

Track stats in app

Feel the rush. Even in the wind.

Force nothing

When you catch a headwind, the bike has already sensed the wind's strength to give you that extra might to cut right through it.

AdaptivePower is inside every Cowboy 4. The bike's motor adjusts in real time for a new prowess on the streets.

C4 C4 ST

Feel weightless. Even overloaded.

AdaptivePower senses extra weight

The Cowboy 4 knows what's ahead even before you do. What to know? When you try it, you'll see.

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Cowboy 4 ST

New colors, fresh spin

Cowboy 4

Stealth looks, pure agility

A reliable prediction

With Cowboy, you'll always have a reliable source of power when you're on the road.

The app uses predictive technology to calculate your remaining autonomy based on your riding behaviour. Whether you're usually carrying an extra heavy load, requiring more power from the motor and battery, or cycling in tough road conditions, you'll always know about how much power you have to get to where you're going and back.

And if ever we detect you'll soon run out of juice or won't have enough for the return trip, we'll notify you it's about time to recharge.

With all this extra power talk, battery efficiency is still our walk. We've introduced power saving – still the same smooth feeling of AdaptivePower but with 25% more efficiency when you're going the distance or running low on juice for a return trip. Switch to Eco anytime on your in-ride dashboard in the app

Battery level estimation

With Cowboy, you're in charge. We keep you informed of your current battery level before, during and after each ride so you can always plan ahead.

Through predictive technology in the app, we show you how much you'll have left at the end of the ride. If you'll run out of power soon, we'll notify you that it's time to recharge. Then simply remove the battery with a turn of a key and carry it inside. It weighs only 2.4 kg and charges fully in 3.5 hours.

With proper care of your battery, you'll get the most out of its expected range so you can roam further. It's common for lithium ion batteries to reach a lower range in different conditions, such as during cold weather when it can temporarily lose up to 10km of autonomy, or in more challenging terrain like hilly roads or start-and-stop traffic.

How AdaptivePower works


As you ride, the bike detects any resistance that could slow you down, like a strong headwind, steep incline or extra weight, then adapts automatically to give you the power you need to overcome the elements.


There's 45 Nm of torque in a compact and silent motor as soon as you push ahead. Torque sensors know when you need more power to take an incline with ease.


With you in control, the motor gives you seamless support at low and high speeds. No gears, just a constant source of power.

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