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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • kris ★★★★★

    Pepinster Apr 14, 2021 Cowboy 1

    The reason why I give three out of five, because the spare parts they recommended for my two circular bikes (cowboy one), didn't fit and are very difficult to assemble. We still didn't assemble the mudboards, ... because the screws doesn't fit and we are looking for the right screws. In the remote area were we live, there is also not a bike shop to help us. The sales people eventually phoned me for assistance and assured that they are always open to help us via video chat. If I knew how difficult the assembly was, I wouldn't bought this model in my area. I also would bought the two bikes in a regular shop instead of online. I hope we soon can assemble the parts, the dog car and enjoy our rides.

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