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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Charles-Elie ★★★★

    Paris Oct 12, 2020 Cowboy 3

    Very well designer bike. The key word is sobriety. Some small criticisms: It is a bit expensive for the original installed options. For a typical sport bike a saddle shock absorber as well as the mud guards should be in the basic packs. The obligation to go through the application to use the electrical assistance is a problem in my opinion. A simple, turnkey bike like this should be able to overlap without necessarily having your phone with you. I am on a forked system of Andorid (Lineage OS), I do not use the google store and therefore my application does not offer all the possibilities of the original application. The startup is good, the startup without the silicone valley is better. Finally, I would say that the lack of speed, can be frustrating when you have reached the maximum speed, we would like to be able to shift a gear above, but maybe its not a bike anymore but closer. of a motorized two wheel. I will recommend this bike to anyone who can afford it and / or to someone who is addicted to their mobile. This bike is supplied to me by my company. I wouldn't have bought it individually but I'm pretty happy I used it today.

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